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SKIN Body Washes

SKIN Body Washes


SKIN Body Wash

Shower Sensation Body Wash


This Body Wash comes in your favorite Miriam Be Scents


These amazing body washes were created to add to your line of  and used with your amazing dry oils, body whips, smoothers, and hair and body perfumes -make the tantalizing smell of our  unique fragrances linger even longer


These are a great addition to your regimen, a great way to tickle the noses and sciences of all those around you.


Made with Super Gentle Castile Soap and African Black Soap and Moroccan Black Soap :treats acne, eczema, psoriasis, deep cleanser, mild exfoliate, detoxes skin, balances oil, evens skin tone, antibacterial, all natural, reduce look of scars, restore elasticity to skin, prevents hair bumps



  • Ingredients

    Distilled Water, African Black Soap, Morocaan Black Soap, Castile Soap, Gycerin, Fragrance 

  • How to Use

    Add a few squirts to your favorite body sponge for best lather experience 

  • Return

    All Sales are Final 

*All sales are final. Please see Shipping & Returns page for more info.

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