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Who is Miriam Be ?

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Celeste Black is the owner of the luxury non-toxic skin care line Miriam Be. ​​Miriam Be products give you excellent results and Peace of Mind. Using her products result in extra bath time enjoyment and what she considers, A Skin Loving Experience. ​

Miriam Celeste Black was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer two weeks after turning 40. The treatments included 1.5 years of chemotherapy, double mastectomy, 33 radiation treatments, a

 3-part reconstruction process that included a 10 hour surgery.


The healing process included a strong spiritual connection, a positive attitude, clean eating and juicing, exercising, acupuncture, regular massages, and the use of all natural mostly organic skin care products.

“During my journey, I was often complimented the glow and luster of my skin. As a survivor, I have first hand knowledge and experience of the potentially detrimental effects of chemotherapy and radiation. In response, a skin care business was born…skin care products made with LOVE-all natural, mostly organic with the cancer patient in mind but great for everyone!”

Why Body by Miriam Be. Skin and Hair Care

Most over the counter Skin And Hair Care Products are formulated with lots of fillers, alcohols, detergents, synthetics and unhealthy fragrances. 

Most of those products have been stripped of any natural gylercin that adds hydration to the skin then replaced with fillers and toxic cancer causing chemicals to re-soften skin after stripping its natural moisture. 

I am the creator an Alchemist you can say of A Skin And Hair Care company that was born while I was battling Stage 3b breast cancer. My products are not only extremely effective the result is healthy, Healed, GLOWing skin - you can use them with PEACE in knowing they are made with love, with natural butters and oils and juices and berries and clays and salts , essential oils, non-toxic ingredients that result in a skin loving experience. All our fragrances are Phlatate free, no parabens, only testing on humans and made right here in The US of A! 

Please Keep in mind that quality authentic skin and hair care products are well worth the investment to your face, your body, your skin, your hair, your life! I encourage my line to be used as a part of an overall healthy lifestyle. 

My goal/purpose/mission is to Educate you about safe ingredients and how to properly use natural products for maximum results. To not only understand the importance of self care but to claim it and practice it without feeling guilty. My desire is that you are well EnFormed when searching for any product and feel very Empowered when making the decision to  purchase. I want you to feel confident that you purchased that item with awareness of what it is made of. And finally I want you to thoroughly Enjoy every piece and part of that purchase.  

Warning ⚠️: Using my products will cause you to fall in love with caring for your skin. The look, the feel, the touch, the smell, the GLOW. 🌟

Please check out my website and read about how Skin By Miriam Be. Was Born during her Stage 3 breast cancer journey ...

BE. Moments

BE. Moments

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