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Face Sponge

Face Sponge




Facial Sponges Compressed Natural Cellulose Sponges for Face Cleaning, Exfoliating and Make Up Removal. These Face Sponges are  Very Gentle and Deep Cleansing. These are Great for Sensitive Skin. 


Great for Removing BlackHeads



These reuseable antimicrobial sponges do not harbor bacteria amd are biodegradeable.


1. Soak the sponge with water until it expands to full size


2. Apply face cleanser to the sponge 


3. Gently massage face with sponge in circular motions


4. After each use, rinse and wring out the water 


5. Allow the sponge to air dry and store in a cool, dry place 


6. Replace sponge as needed




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