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Extra Drama-Mica Powder

Extra Drama-Mica Powder


Want to add some extra DRAMA to your whips, oils,

We now have it available in 2 oz bottles!

Why we use Mica at Miriam Be.

Why we use Mica instead of Glitter in our Products for GLOW

Gentle on the Skin: Mica is a natural mineral that is generally considered safe and non-irritating for most skin types. It has a fine texture and is less likely to cause skin irritation or allergies compared to glitter, which often contains plastic or metal particles that can be harsh on the skin.

* Non-Clogging: Mica particles are lightweight and finely ground, making them less likely to clog pores. This is especially important for individuals with acne-prone or sensitive skin who want to avoid pore-clogging ingredients that can contribute to breakouts or skin congestion.

* Natural Illumination: Mica provides a subtle illuminating effect on the skin due to its reflective properties. When incorporated into cosmetics such as highlighters or illuminating powders, mica helps to create a soft, natural glow without emphasizing skin texture or imperfections. In contrast, glitter particles can be more prominent and may highlight skin flaws or appear unnatural.

* Versatility in Formulation: Mica is available in a wide range of colors and finishes, allowing for versatility in skincare formulations. It can be incorporated into products like mineral foundations, tinted moisturizers, or face powders to provide a natural-looking radiance. Glitter, on the other hand, is typically not used in skincare products due to its larger particle size and potential to cause skin irritation.

* Safer Alternative: Choosing mica over glitter aligns with the growing consumer demand for safer and more sustainable skincare options. Mica is a naturally occurring mineral, while glitter often contains microplastics that can harm the environment. Opting for mica-based products promotes eco-consciousness and reduces the potential negative impact on marine life and ecosystems.

Overall, mica's gentle nature, non-clogging properties, natural illumination, formulation versatility, and eco-friendliness make it a preferable choice over glitter for skincare products.

Size: 2OZ
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