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Citrus Princess Dry Body Oil

Citrus Princess Dry Body Oil

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Lux Dry Body Oil

An amazing bergamot experience

A stunning fragrance combining freshness, sweetness and sensuality.


Citrus Princess captures the essence of anticipation and wonder, evoking the delicate aroma of a fresh paperback, untouched and pristine. As you lift the book to your nose, you're enveloped in the scent of unbroken spine and crisp, white pages, carrying the promise of countless stories within.

This ethereal fragrance is a sheer symphony of notes, opening with a breath of ambroxan that mingles seamlessly with the soft floral embrace of jasmine.

Musk and woods add depth and intrigue, while apple and moss lend a subtle green freshness. Sheer woods and amber provide a gentle warmth, and ambrette seed adds a delicate, intriguing touch.

Citrus Princess is a stunning olfactory journey that marries the freshness of a new day with the sweet allure of discovery, ultimately leaving a sensual and lasting impression on you

Notes of Bergamot, grapefruit, petitgrain, orange blossom, cedarwood, vetiver, musk

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