Stella -Talc Free Body Powder

Stella -Talc Free Body Powder




-Aborbs Sweat 

-Keep You Dry 

-Minimize Irritation/Chafing

-Fresh Scent 

-Toxin Free 



Many people are hesitant to use powder after the Johnson and Johnson fiasco.


My friend girl contacted me and said look.. I need some healthy powder I can use. I used to use the one you made under my boobs and it kept them dry and fresh. 


In the above photo is ground organic roses, hibiscus , lavender, chamomile and rose hips...I wish you could smell it! It smells like Royalty!!!


I named her Stella after my Aunt Stella. She was kind and gentle yet so tough and strong!  I miss her so much!! 


While going through my cancer journey there was a time I had decided to quit my chemo. It was so hard and it hurt so bad. But then I would think of my Aunt Stella - she fought through lung cancer like a  champ. 


She never let you see her in bed sick or not looking good. Period no matter how sick she was, she was up dressed and had her wig on.


On her last day she cooked my Father Salmon Croquettes because he loved them so before going to her bed to die. She was my strength, my rock - I had to fight because I could let her down.  I had to remember what I was made of.


To my Amazing Aunt Stella this is for you! ♥️❤️


Strong, Resilient, Kind and Loving!

  • Ingredients

    Arrowroot Powder, Bentonite Clay, DE, Zinc Oxide, Chamomile, Lavender, Hibiscus, Roses, Aloe Vera, Brown Rice (seperation purposes), Tea Tree Oil, Fragrance 

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