Sister Sample Size Body Whips

Sister Sample Size Body Whips


Pink Sugar Paradise-A sweet cotton candy topped with pink sugar (Butters-Mango, Shea, Sal, Cocoa, KoKum)


Miriam's Mango-A tantalizing tropical smell that makes you think of you are vacationing in paradise, think Mangos, peaches, and margaritas mixed together (Butter-Mango)


Shea Shea- Cherry and Almonds and Honey Oh my! This reminds you of the old school Jergens lotion but Better! (Butter- Shea Butter)


Juicy Pear-Think Sweet Juicy Pears and French Vanilla with a tinch of apples and mangos, if you liked the VS Pear you will love this one (Butter-Cocoa Butter)


Lemon Love-A mix of Lemon Cookies topped with brown sugar and cream cheese (Butter- Yellow Shea Butter)




Moisturize and Nourish Skin 


Soothe Peeling Itching Skin 


Heal Sunburn 


Relieve Eczema and and psoriasis flare ups 


Lighten Dark Spots 


Prevent the Formation of Stretch Marks 


Smooth. Rough Skin 


Relieve Skin Rashes and Irritation 


Moisturize Cuticles 


Excellent for Super Dry Skin during the Winter Months 


Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines 


Promot the Helaing of Scars 


Provide some UV Protection 


Soften Beard Hair 



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