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Simple Glow

Simple Glow

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Simple 3 Step Skin Care Routine ($60 Value)

*Includes Instruction Card 


Step 1

Cleanse: African Black Soap+Turmeric+ Honey Lux Face and Body Bar 


*Allow the face wash  to sit on the skin 3-5 minutes for best results 


This bar is very gentle and not drying at all. It is made with a coconut milk + glycerin + African black soap base then we added that magical turmeric that has you glowing all over the place and some sweet honey giving you extra moisturizing and anti-bacterial powers


-Deep Cleanse

-Fight Acne 

-Heal Eczema 

-Brighten Skin

-Fight Inflammation

-Even Skin Tone 

-Moisturize Skin 

-Smooth Skin 


Step 2

Tone: Rose and Hibiscus Sake Toner -For All Skin Types

The key to bright, even tone, hydrated, glowing skin 


Rose-Royalty -ancient beauty ingredient, nourishing, hydrating and soothing to the mind, body, skin


Hibiscus-Botox Flower -"Nature's Botox"



-Promote blood flow -equals healthier skin 

-Blood circulation brings oxygen, cells, proteins, and nutrients to the skin and removes carbon dioxide and waste. 

-Increase collagen production- keep your face looking youthful and plump instead of sagging 

-Even Skin Tone-Remove dark spots 

-Hydrate the skin-plump the skin

-Brightens the skin- you glow, look Healthier, happier, younger 

-The smell lifts your mood, your spirits

-Controls oiliness, fights acne 

-Full of antioxidants - anti aging-slows down the process of getting fine lines and wrinkles 

-Reduces pore size -the holes on our face 

-Tightens and tones the skin

-Soothes the inflammation of acne and eczema 

-Gives some protection from the sun 

-Great to use under make up -setting spray


*Spray on and gently pat into the skin


Step 3

Moistuize:Yes I Glow Moisturizer 


*apply a few drops onto damp skin


Moisturize: Made with a group of amazing Oils that help to repair advance scars, reduce hyperpigmentation, brighten, soothe and smoothe the skin


A mix of magnificent oils and juices such as baobab, hibiscus, and moringa, with a splash of tea tree, turmeric and clary sage essential oils 


This amazing combination of oils and juices  keeps the “I’m Looking Old “ Fairy away by keeping breakouts at bay. Yes I Glow evens the skin tone, brightens, lifts, and plumps the skin.

After only a few uses you will look in the mirror and say


Yes I Glow!










  • Ingredients

    African Black Soap + Turmeric + Honey Lux Face and Body Bar 

    Cococnut Milk Soap, African Black Soap, Organic Turmeric, Organic Honey

    Rose and Hibiscus Sake Toner 

    Our Rose and Hibiscus Sake Toner is a very special recipe, a luxurious recipe that begins with actual Sake. We then add organic rose buds, hibiscus buds, sour sop leaves, chamomile, willow bark, french lavender buds, green tea, witch hazel, HA, aloe vera, ACV, clary sage and lemon. Our rose sake and hibiscus toner is an excellent blemish fighter, make up setter, skin softener. And glow getter. 

    Yes I Glow Moisturizer

    A mix of more of our basic oils such as pistachio oil, rice bran oil,pecan oil, flax seed oil,hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, HA,  and aloe Vera excellent for all skin types

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