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Shea Butter Cashmere Hair and Body Perfume


4 oz Hair and Body Perfume

You all heard of Cocoa Butter Cashmere? It is super popular and smells Amazing! I of course had to do my own spin and mine is called:

Shea Butter Cashmere!!! It is soft sensual, warm, tantalizing to the senses, inviting, the smell feels like a warm expensive cashmere sweater over your soft.smooth, moist Shea buttered skin

A true silky rich vanilla with hints of woody cashmere and succulent amber. Minor notes or floral and fruit round out this scent beautifully.

Top Note – Pear, Vanilla, Peach Blossoms

Middle Note – Silky smooth vanilla, Warm Amber.

Bottom Note – Vanilla, Musk

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