Our rose sake is a very special recipe, a luxurious recipe that begins with actual Sake. We then add organic rose buds, hibiscus buds, sour sop leaves, chamomile, willow bark, french lavender buds, green tea, with hazel, HA, aloe vera, ACV, clary sage etc. Your face and neck receive skin loving experience. Our rose sake is a skin toner, make up setter, and skin softener. Our sake kills bacteria, reduces inflammation, evens skin tone, assists in cell renewal which results in healthy glowing skin 


Rose Sake

  • Sake, witch hazel, organic rose buds, organic hibiscus buds, green tea, sour sop leaves, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, chamomile, tea tree oil, willow bark, HA, vitamin C, cedar wood, clary sage, lemon oil, lavender oil, argan oil, glycerin, fragrance


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