You get 3- 8 Ounce Butters 


You can use all of these butters in their RAW form or create your own creations by adding the oil or fragrance of your choice. 


The Set Includes:

-Our amazing Grade A Shea Butter 

-Mango Butter 

-Yellow Shea Butter made with Borututu Root 



Shea Butter Benefits :

-Treat Acne and Blemishes 


-Some Sun Protection

-Reduce Razor Bump Irritation

-Restore Elasticity to the Skin

-Reduce Stretch Markss 

-Very Moisturizing for Dry Skin

-Relieve Sunburns

-Heal Burns


Mango Butter Benefits:

-Lighter than Shea Butter 

-Deep Moisturizer 

-Even Skin Tone 

-Great for Eczema flare ups

-Reduce Apperance of Wrinkles 

-Vitamin C -Brightnes the Skin 

-Great for Acne 



Sal Butter Benefits 

-Super Hydrating

-Super Healing

-Soothes/Calms Eczema Flare Ups 

-Comparative to Argan Oil 

-Velvetty Smooth 

-Creates Moisture Barrier on Skin 


Borututu Root Benefits -

-Great for skin healing of any sores, burns


-Gives Yellow Shea Butter its color 

RAW Butters Special

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