A few years afte my breast cancer journey I got the opportunity to go to Mexico for about 6 days. While there I fell in love with the coffee. 


Mexican coffee is made of coffee, cinnamon, cloves, sugar, brown sugar and is an amazing treat to wake up to each day.


I studied the ingredients and found that many of them are great for your skin so alas...... A Mexican Coffee soap was born! 


But of course my customers. love choices so then a face cleanser was born!  


This wash is made of Castille Soap, African Black Soap, Ceylon Cinnamon, Cacao Powder, Cardamon, Coffee Fragrance, Clove EO



When using this cleanser make sure to allow it to sit on your face for several minutes before rinsing off to allow the amazing ingredients to work. 



Shrink Pores 

Deep Gentle Cleanse


Prevent Sun Damage 

Acne treament 




Plump the Skin 

Increased Blood Flow 

Brighten the Skin 

Even the Skin Tone 

Mexican Coffee Lux Face Cleanser

Lux Face Cleanser
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