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Hazelnut Oil Hair and Body Oil

  • Ingredients

    100% hazelnut oil

  • How to Use -Hair

    Benefits of hazelnut oil for hair

    If your hair needs deep conditioning, hydration, or extra nourishment for dry and frizzy strands, hazelnut oil may be precisely what you’re looking for.

    Encourages a healthy scalp

    Because of its ability to retain moisture, hazelnut oil helps in the creation of an ideal environment for your hair and scalp to grow. It’s one of the best for your scalp’s health since it’s high in vitamin E, which can be found in hazelnuts. It feeds hair follicles.

  • Return Policy

    All Sales are Final

  • How to Use-Skin

    Benefits of Use for Skin

    Hazelnut Oil is non-comedogenic, which means it won't clog your pores...a good thing when it comes to oily or acne prone skin. It has natural astringent properties which not only remove oil from your skin and clear away bacteria that can cause acne, but it will gently add important moisture back into the skin.

*All sales are final. Please see Shipping & Returns page for more info.

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