Hair Elixir

Hair Elixir


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Miriam’s Hair Elixir 

(a magical oil or medicinal potion) 


Thinning hair | Bald Spots | Twist outs | Protective Style| Hair Growth|Sealant 


Essential to nourish and moisturize your hair and scalp. It can be used as a hot oil treatment, pre-poo to protect your hair before going through the wash, condition and comb through phase, also as a sealant.



Never use butters and oils on dry hair. Butter and oils help to lock in moisture. If your hair is dry, adding butters and oils will cause your hair to become brittle.  



Step 1: Spray Miriam’s Moisture into our scalp and hair making sure your hair is damp then apply oil to your hair 

Step 2: Massage oil into scalp and hair (root to tip) 

Step 3: Leave in hair for 20 minutes before washing out with Shampoo and Conditioner



Step 1: Warm Oil
Step 2: Massage into scalp for 1-3 minutes before washing



Step 1: Complete hair oil routine
Step 2: Apply root to tip or as needed to lock in moisture


How to store: keep at room temperature. 

Use our product regimen exclusively for at least 1-3 months to see how your hair responds before introducing new products.



Cayenne pepper oil

Fenugreek oil 

Tea tree oil

Lavender oil

Clary sage 

Oregano oil 

Carrot seed oil 

Broccoli seed oil 

Blueberry seed oil 

Onion oil 

Basil oil 

Lemon oil 

Thyme oil








Aloe Vera 

Hemp oil 

Baobab oil

Pistachio Nut Oil 

Pecan Oil 

Castor oil

Grape seed oil

Olive oil

Pracxi oil

Flax seed oil

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