Eczema Gentle Cleansing Balls

Eczema Gentle Cleansing Balls


Excellent for Eczema or Extra Dry Skin 


There are so many degrees of eczema fro mild to extremely bad. Some have it all the time and some just have flare ups.



It can never be healed but it can be controlled and prevention of flare ups is key.



I have found that african black soap which is anti fungal and anti bacterial is great for it but some people get concerned about the drying because eczema skin needs MOISTURE


I decided to mix ABS and Super Moisturizing and Skin Healing  UnRefined Sal Butter together and came up with a concoction for Eczema and Extra Dry Skin



 They are made in 2 parts. So you can use half to wash with and half as a bath bomb or both parts to wash with or both parts as a bath 🛀🏾 bomb for amazing immediate eczema relief.




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