Deluxe Sample Raw Butter Bag

Deluxe Sample Raw Butter Bag


You get 6 -2 Ounce RAW Butters in your Bag 

 (Butters in their RAW form no scents or additivies)

 All RAW Butters are Grade A 


Shea Butter 

Skin Softening 

Skin Smoothing


Yellow Shea Butter 

Nutrient Rich Made Yellow with Borotutu Root 


Mowrah Butter


Scar Healer 

Excellent Moisture for Skin and Hair 


Mango Butter 

Skin Firmimg/Smoother 

Stretch Marks

Brighen Skin


Sal Butter 

Extra Dry Skin

Healing Nutrients 

Pain Relief



Kokum Butter 

Collagen Production

Healing Nutrients 

Pain Relief 

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