Be's Blessed Seed Moisturizer


This is a powerful moisturizer that are great for all skin types. This moisturizer naturally fights acne, -eliminates blemishes and dark spots, controls oil , clears clogged pores and reduces inflammation. It will tame redness and soothe irritation. 


Relieve Eczema Symptoms 

Relieve Psoriasis Symptoms 

Clear Dark Spots 

Clear Acne


Delay Wrinkles 

Stregthens Hair 

Boost Skin Hydration

Even Skin Tone 

Clear Clogged Pores 

Control Oil 

Tame Redness

Soothe Irritation 



Be's Blessed Seed Moisturizer
  • Ingredients

    GrapeSeed Oil, Hemp Oil, Black Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Baobab Oil, Aloe Vera, Geranium Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Fragrance 

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