Be Clean Body Wash +Turmeric +Honey

Be Clean Body Wash +Turmeric +Honey

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If you are looking for a body wash that: 

Deep Cleans 

Evens Skin Tone 

Assists with Acne 

Fades Scars

Moisturizes Skin 


Tighten Skin 

Brighten Skin 

Tighten pores 


Turmeric: anti aging, even skin tone, brighten skin, treats acne, protects against sun damage, controls oiliness, mild exfoliate, antibacterial, tightens skin, lightens hair, fades stretch mark and acne scars, treats look of wrinkles and fine lines


African Black Soap: treats acne, eczema, psoriasis, deep cleanser, mild exfoliate, detoxes skin, balances oil, evens skin tone, antibacterial, all natural, reduce look of scars, restore elasticity to skin, prevents hair bumps 


Honey: skin healing, increase cell renewal, treats acne, eczema, psoriasis, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, skin moisturizer, anti aging, fades scars, heals sunburn

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