African Black Soap Cone

African Black Soap Cone


Get 12 Ounces for $19.99 our 6 Ounce bars are $12.99


We  love Black Soap in all Different Shapes, Consistencies and Colors (black, white, brown) 


Here is another choice for you. The same amazing super sudsy deep cleansing, eczema healing black soap in a 12 oz variety.


Do not keep it all to yourself, share with the family. You can slice it into pieces to share and wash with or you can also drop it into a piece into your bath for a deep cleanse for eczema healing. 


xperience the healing benefits of African Black Soap 


The "Holy Grail" of Soaps 


The plantain skin ash in black soap acts to exfoliate your skin to remove make up, grease and other dirt that might have settled on your skin through out the day.


Our ABS Clears skin discoloration


When used consistently, black soap has been known to clear skin discoloration to give you a balanced skin tone. Black soap’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties repairs the skin to clear scars to give you an even skin tone.African black soap is an ancient soap that has been used in west Africa for many centuries. It is hand-made by local women in small villages. It’s also made from plant-based and all-natural ingredients that are locally and purposefully sourced by these women.


These soaps provided a source of income for these women and a livelihood that allows them to support their families, irrespective of their husbands financial contribution.


Because these soaps were made by local women for other local women, these women had to ensure that the soaps were of the higheut there, our liquid black soap has been infused with skin softening and moisturizing ingredients that won’t leave your skin dry or burn your face.


Our ABS Clears facial and body Acne

This is what black soap is commonly known for. The shea butter and coconut oil in black soap contains fatty acids that fights acne causing microbial on the skin. Unlike many other acne treatments, Black soap remains the most effective and economical acne treatment on the market. Black soap is a miracle skin care treatment that has been proven to transform the skin within a matter of a few days.


Our ABS Treats blemishes, Dark Spots and scars

The natural enzymes in the plantain skin provides anti-inflammatory benefits that serves to treat scars and blemishes left by acne and other breakouts.


Our ABS helps Control PSORIASIS, dermatitis and roscea

Black soap is known to reduce itchiness, redness and other skin irritations caused by eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions.


Our ABS is an excellent Make Up Remover & Face Cleanserst quality




Our ABS Balances your skin’s oil production

Black soap is great for all skin types. Whether you have an oily skin, dry skin or combination skin, black soap will regulate your skin’s oil production and pH level so that it doesn’t feel greasy or dry after use.


Our ABS anti-bacterial properties soothes skin irritation caused by eczema, dermatitis and other skin problems that causes itchiness. The aloe, vitamin e oil, glycerin and castor oil in our black soap will calm your skin and leave it moisturized.


Our ABS is a All natural skin cleanser 

Black soap’s cleansing properties removes odor causing bacteria to reduce body odor , thanks to the plantain skin ash in the soap.









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